A painting evolves from inner ideas or external factors.

As an artist I take elements from the environment and express them as one.

Using this concept, in conjunction with symbolism, I assemble painted fragments.

I create an arrangement that displays the whole.

In some arrangements painted fragments may be placed at intervals.

Each fragment is unique but connected.

The breaks in continuity depict space and/or time.

I create an arrangement that displays the whole.

Recent work explores the addition of collected scraps on the painting surface.


In parallel to Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma designing the V&A for Dundee I continue to explore my own connections with Japan.

As the V&A prepares to open I have been especially delighted to be exploring  ' Blossom in Japan '.

Following springtime travel, inspired by visits to Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and the overwhelming cherry blossom filled, Yoshida Mountains

I continue to explore  - a sense of sakura . . .

. . its attraction, impact and the strong hold it has over residents of Japan -

through tradition, texture, colour and pattern.