Liz Dulley
Fine Art
in watercolour

Hello, welcome to my website.

I invite you to browse through my journey of creativity and developing artwork.

I paint with watercolour finding it an exciting and versatile medium.
With a delicate approach I make marks and manipulate paint to create interesting surfaces.
Following travel in Japan recent work explores the use of Japanese paper purchased on my journey in Japan.
I enjoy working with symbolism and also exploring natural phenomenom in the field.
With the V&A opening in Dundee current interest is connection between Dundee and Japan. I also continue to respond to the 'sakura ' season, this small passing of time, revered by Japanese people.

As a Derwent Artist, in conjunction with my  painting, using the influence of plant life, I continue to experiment with Derwent products.

Journey in Japan - Solo Exhibition
with fifty new paintings
The University of Dundee Botanic Gardens

See the exhibition  interview
on That's TV Scotland TV East

" I've found it important and endeavoured to create something unique.

The necessity to explore and experiment has been essential. "

 painting with watercolour . . .

New Card machine




Journey in Japan
Botanic Gardens
Riverside Drive
10- 4.30 daily

2nd - 16th June
Free entry

Art 309
Botanic Gardens
13th - 21stJuly

10 - 4.30 daily
Free entry
Rattray Arts

10th - 11th Aug
10 - 5pm
Free entry

Open Studio


Liz's Studio
7th - 15th Sept
10 - 7pm daily
Free entry