Liz Dulley
Fine Art
in watercolour

Hello, welcome to my website.

I invite you to browse through my journey of creativity and developing artwork.

I paint with watercolour finding it an exciting and versatile medium.
With a delicate approach I apply and manipulate paint to create interesting surfaces that capture the essence of my subject.
Following travel in Japan recent work explores the addition of Japanese paper fragments to the painting surface. I develop this new interest using a variety of explorative techniques.
The concept of each painting relies on symbolism.
Current interest, inspired by springtime travel in Japan, is a response to the
'sakura ' season and
this small passing of time, revered by Japanese people.

A small taster selection of  images and detail from images is included on GALLERY pages.

As a Derwent Artist, in conjunction with my  painting, using the influence of plant life, I continue to experiment with Derwent products.

" I've found it important and endeavoured to create something unique  whilst studying a widely depicted subject.
The necessity to explore and experiment has been essential.

It has been wonderful to experience the skills of handmade papermaking in ' Washi City '
- -  - then paint on it!

Watercolour paintings

Card machine facility
Dundee Botanic
12th -21st April
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Journey in Japan
Botanic Gardens
Riverside Drive
10- 4.30 daily
2nd - 16th June
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Art 309
Botanic Gardens
13th - 21stJuly
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Rattray Arts
10th - 11th Aug

10 - 5pm
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Open Studio

Liz's Studio
7th - 15th Sept
10 - 7pm daily
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